Join the Oil Cleansing Revolution

Join the Oil Cleansing Revolution

Never tried an oil cleanser? Join the oil cleansing revolution with Vapour’s Clarity Organic Makeup Remover. We sat down with Vapour to find out why using an oil cleanser could transform your skin.

Interested in trying a cleansing oil but haven’t taken the leap? Here are some reasons to say ‘yes’ to this amazing beauty trend. Cleansing oils contain hydrating and soothing ingredients that are more effective and less irritating than traditional cleansers. Using an oil-based cleanser removes oil and impurities and can actually help balance your skin’s sebum production. This means that your face gets a refreshing deep clean, without stripping skin of its natural protective layer.

One of our absolute favourite oil cleansers is the Clarity Organic Makeup Remover by Vapour. This all organic formula gently and effectively dissolves all traces of makeup, dirt and impurities. Clarity’s lush, nourishing formula is gentle enough for the eye area and removes even the most stubborn makeup, like mascara and liner. After use, skin feels marvellously pure and plump. Features include all organic skin-nourishing ingredients, like protective Jojoba, brightening Camellia and nurturing Helichrysum and Borage. USDA-certified organic Clarity just might be a game changer for your skin.

At the end of the day, complete your beauty ritual with Clarity:
1. Dispense one or two pumps onto fingertips or saturate a cotton pad. Do not add water.
2. Massage into skin to remove dirt and makeup.
3. Wipe away excess with a tissue or warm, damp cloth. Skin will be well prepared for moisturizer or night treatments.

Beauty Hack -Vapour Clarity doubles as a moisturizing refining skin polish for sensitive skin. Place ½ teaspoon of fine granulated organic sugar in the palm of your hand. Add 2-3 pumps of Clarity. Gently massage the mixture in circular motions onto damp skin for 2 minutes. Rinse to reveal ultra-smooth, fresh, moist skin.

Vapour Organic Beauty is especially known for radiant complexion products that blend seamlessly with all skin tones and give a flawless glow. The brand has been focused on creating healthy, natural products using responsible manufacturing since their start. From raw ingredients to the synergy of every finished product, Vapour is committed to the highest levels of purity and performance. And now, all of their bottled products are re-launching in elegant and sustainable glass bottles.

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