Meet the Maker: Bodyism

Meet the Maker: Bodyism

World-renowned wellness guru James Duigan stopped by to talk to us about the Bodyism way of life and how he balances family with his wellness empire.

The Bodyism brand has been going strong for over 10 years. When you started did you have any idea it would become such a great success?

Yes and No. I knew that it was going to be a success but I had no idea how it was going to happen. The way in which it has happened has just been a series of miracles and wonder.

What exactly is the Bodyism way of life? Is it something that everyone can incorporate?

The Bodyism way of life is summed up in one phrase that we have carved in stone on the front of our beautiful building in Notting Hill – ‘Be kind to yourself’. Be kind to yourself in the way that you think, the way you move, the way you eat and the way you sleep. Choose foods that work for you, exercise and movement that strengthens you, food that nourishes you and makes you feel good and sleep to replenish and recharge yourself. Everyone and anyone could and should incorporate this into their everyday lives.

What is the best entry product for someone who is new to Bodyism?

For me, it has to be Body Brilliance. It’s the first product we created and it was designed to give people everything they need to nourish themselves.

We hear there’s been a new addition to your family recently, congratulations! Has it become more difficult to balance family life and work life?

It’s definitely become easier. My children are all so beyond beautiful and are my greatest joy. My main job is being a father and a husband.

Are there any 2018 plans for the brand that you can give us a sneak peek of?

You will see lots of newness from us in many different ways this year with a continued focus on gut health as we continue to change more people’s lives in a powerful way. 2018 will also be taking us across the pond to LA so watch this space…

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