Stay Hydrated This Summer & Pimp Your Water!

Stay Hydrated This Summer & Pimp Your Water!

We all know the benefits of drinking at least 2 litres of water each day, but how many people are actually doing this? Water can be the epitome of bland tastes, especially if you are guzzling 2 litres each day, every day. So why not jazz it up a little bit and increase your water in take? We’ve been looking into the benefits of adding fresh fruit to your water, how this compares to just drinking juice and added a few of our favourite recipes to get you going.

Benefits of infused water

Flavour – a lot of the flavour from infused water derives from the rind of the fruit which you put into the water and then from the juices squeezed or muddled together. The rind gives the water a bright, tangy taste something you would not get from juice alone.

Appearance – the appearance of fruit infused water is going to peak the interest of people around you, it looks great at an event or dinner party and the colours should encourage children to drink more water with its bright and healthy appearance.

Sugars – the calories in infused water is far less then if you were to drink fruit juices. Whilst juice is nutritious it is packed with natural sugars and calories, there are less of these in infused water as the fruit remains intact and you are only benefiting from the extracted flavour, not the actual fruit. This does not mean you cannot squeeze some of the juice into the water, just do so with moderation!

Hydration – the obvious factor in upping your water intake! Staying hydrated is essential to stay healthy, it helps your skin glow and your hair stay sleek so infusing your water makes staying hydrated simple.

Watermelon & Basil

Perfect for: days out walking.

Super fresh and very nutritious. Watermelon already contains 92% water and contains rehydration salts such as calcium, magnesium and potassium which actually hydrate you more, so watermelon is great to infuse with water if you are heading out for the day. You can create this classic combination by chopping a whole watermelon (if you are creating enough for a jug), a handful of basil leaves and quarter a lime for added flavour and colour. Muddle together and add your water and ice, leave to infuse and enjoy.


Grapefruit & Rosemary

Perfect for: a  boost of vitamin C

For a more unique infusion, try the tangy taste of grapefruit mixed with the fresh herbal taste of rosemary. Remove the rind of the grapefruit for this one, other wise it will leave your water tasting bitter, and cut your grapefruit into smaller pieces. Add this to your glass or container and pour the water over the top, add in your sprigs of rosemary and leave to infuse over night. If you do not want an over powering taste of rosemary, remove this after a few hours and leave the grapefruit to continue to infuse over night.


Lemon & Mint

Perfect for: cleansing and boosting your antioxidant intake

This simple mix is perfect for the morning after a late night or if your body is in need of rehydration. The lemon rind and lemon juice in the water gives your body back its natural electrolytes which may be taken when feeling a bit dehydrated or if you have been drinking alcohol. It’s a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants which help maintain your body’s energy levels. The added mint gives the water a little sweetness and adds to the cool taste.


Strawberry & Mint

Perfect for: a warm summers day

Add mint to your drinking vessel of choice first for this, as much as you like and on top chuck in your strawberries. We would suggest you go for the organic variety, we do not want to be adding pesticides into our healthy concoctions. Smash up the strawberries and mint together, keep smashing until you release the juices and fill your glass up with ice. Pour the water over the top of the strawberries juices and mint flavours and you’re pretty much good to go straight away, leave for a a few of minutes to let the muddling take effect and enjoy!  For a stronger flavour or if you are infusing more then a glass for, leave for a few hours for the water to soak up all the summer tasting goodness of the strawberries.


Drink up & enjoy!

What is your favourite water infusions? Let us know on Twitter @Naturisimo_UK.