Meet The ‘Food-Grown’ Supplement Experts

Meet The ‘Food-Grown’ Supplement Experts

Wild Nutrition is a food supplement range changing the face of vitamins. Founded by husband and wife team, Charlie and Henrietta Norton, this Food-State range offers the highest quality supplements available today. Here we catch up with expert Nutritional Therapist, Henrietta. 

How did you choose the name ‘Wild Nutrition’?

It was a very organic process really. We wanted something that would be reflective of the natural ingredients inside the products and we were sitting around the kitchen table with our family and someone just shouted out ‘Wild Health’ which we immediately turned into Wild Nutrition. It was a light bulb moment and we’ve never looked back.

Henrietta, what first attracted you to working in the nutrition industry? I had been interested in health and medicine since I was young. I have always viewed the body as a ‘whole’, interested in the person behind the disease rather than the disease itself and so studying conventional medicine as a degree didn’t quite connect with me. However once I had finished at university, I started to explore my options. I saw a nutritionist myself for advice on my own well-being and then it clicked that this was where I needed to begin. So I went back to college to train as a Nutritional Therapist for 3 years.

portrait_16Dec15_2-2What do you wish you’d known when you started? Nothing actually. I have learnt so much and I am so very grateful for everything that I have learnt and achieved along the way. I wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s a typical day like? It is extremely varied but always starts with a bang as we have 3 young boys to feed, dress and get off to school by 8.30am. Once we have said good-bye to these 3 amigos, work begins. This can either be getting the train to London for  day of clinic or meetings, or it could be in the office researching for product formulations or my book. At the end of each day, we come home to share supper with the boys and slow down for an evening of restoration!

What’s next for Wild Nutrition? This next year is a very exciting one for us and will see a rapid expansion of Wild Nutrition. Our wonderful team is growing and we will be introducing many new and very exciting pro
ducts including more products for Men and a Sports Range.


If you would treat yourself to one thing this month it would be… A day on the Sussex coast in the spring sunshine, with our children, followed by a massage. Heaven!

What makes someone stand out? Ooh this is hard as often it’s not quantifiable, it’s simply an energetic connection but I suppose it would have to be someone who is being true to themselves. I think you can often sense this before you even talk to them.

Favourite time of the day. If it is summer or spring, it would have to be first thing in the morning or at dusk. If it is winter it would have to be teatime when it is getting dark and the fire is lit.

What’s your favourite comfort food? Chicken, spring greens and noodle broth with a good old squeeze of lime. No question, I adore it!

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